10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord


10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord


10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord


The 10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord: A Must-Have for Hunting and Training

At Draht Company, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products for versatile hunting dogs. One standout item in our collection is the 10" Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord Lead/Game Drag, an essential tool for both fieldwork and training.

What Makes the 10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord Special?

Compact and Convenient Compared to Larger Check Cords: Made from durable TufFlex material, this Check Cord is designed to fit easily in your pocket, vest and training bag. It measures 1/2" by 10' making it a perfect tool to train puppies from 6 weeks old on up. It is also perfect for larger dogs when transitioning from longer Check cords down to the 10' check cord to eventually nothing as the dog learns and becomes more reliable and trusted to perform to your desired level. You won't believe how nice this check cord is to use until you get it in your hands and attached to your pups collar.  

Waterproof and Durable: Constructed to withstand the elements, this lead is 100% waterproof. It won’t dry rot or break easily, ensuring it remains reliable for years. Even if you drop it in the field, its durable design and blaze orange color means you can easily backtrack and retrieve it. Easy to clean and holds no order.

Comfortable and PracticalThis Check Cord is comfortable to handle your dog and is hang up free in the field or wrapping around your dog's legs.  

Why Choose the 10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord?

  • Versatility: Able to use from young puppy aged dogs to full grown dog's making it valuable versatile tool for any hunting dog owner. 
  • Durability: Waterproof and resilient, it stands up to rigorous use.
  • Convenience: Compact design ensures it's always within reach when you need it.
  • Function: Perfect to use for obedience in the yard or for field work in the field.

The 10' Light TufFlex Puppy Check Cord is a testament to Draht Company's commitment to providing practical, versatile, high-quality products for dog enthusiasts. 

Explore our full range of products at Draht Company to find the perfect gear for your versatile hunting dog.

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