No Slip Grip Training Tab/Bringsel


No Slip Grip Training Tab/Bringsel

No Slip Grip Training Tab/Bringsel


The Versatile No Slip Grip Training Tab: A Must-Have for Retrieve, Obedience, Heeling and Bringsel Training

At Draht Company, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products for versatile hunting dogs. One standout item in our collection is the No Slip Grip Training Tab/Bringsel, an essential tool for Retrieve, Obedience, Heeling and Bringsel training.

What Makes the No Slip Grip Training Tab so Special?

Compact and Convenient: Made from durable No slip material, this No Slip Tab is designed to fit comfortably in your hand without slipping when wet or whatever mother nature throws at you while training. Almost like a suction cup feel. Tab is 15" long and keeps your dog in the right position with no slack for the dog to keep your dog in the right position. Easy to grab for any correction needed. 

Perfect for Retrieve, Obedience, Heel and BringselTraining: This tool is versatile just like your dog and is perfect to handle your dog when needed for retrieving drills, Obedience, Heeling at your side and great for Bringsel training for blooding tracking.

Waterproof and Durable: Constructed to withstand the elements, this Tab is 100% waterproof. It won’t dry rot or break easily, ensuring it remains reliable for years. It stores nicely in your training bag or hanging from your dummy/bumper bag or belt loop. 

Comfortable and Practical: The No Slip training Tab allows to use leash pressure without the long cumbersome regular lead getting in the way of training.  Perfect transition tool from the long line to the tab as your dog progresses in training. The dog will forget it has the no slip tab attached to collar. This helps you get the correct behavior. The more reps they get, the more reliable they become. 

Why Choose the No Slip Grip Training Tab?

  • Versatility: Multiple uses make it a valuable tool for any hunting dog owner.
  • Durability: Waterproof and resilient, it stands up to rigorous use.
  • Convenience: Compact design ensures it's always within reach when attached to dog or hanging off or in your dummy/bumper training bag.

The No Slip Grip Training Tab is a testament to Draht Company's commitment to providing practical, Versatile high-quality products for dog enthusiasts.

Explore our full range of products at Draht Company to find the perfect gear for your versatile hunting dog.

By Draht Company

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